Tale Of Two Cities #2 双城记 第二期 2016
IdleBeats 爱豆笔此 [ Shanghai 上海] x Sticky Fingers [Phnom Pehn 金边]
< MY BOY >
Video by Leon Yan / NeoCha, filmed in Sticky Fingers’ studio in Kampot, Cambodia
视频由新茶拍摄于柬埔寨贡布Sticky Fingers工作室, 2016

<Tale of Two Cities> is a continuing silkscreen exhibition series initiated by IdleBeats since 2015. Each exhibition composes the latest works of two studios – IdleBeats and one from another city around the world. Persistence, consistency, innovation and the free expression of ones own root culture are the threads common to all.


The serial nature of the exhibitions focuses on hand print making medium and cultural exchange through the eyes and hands of a range of emerging print makers worldwide. After first Tale Of Two Cities featuring silk-screen pioneer FrenchFourch from Paris with great success, IdleBeats is looking into South East Asia in 2016, inviting Sticky Fingers Art Print Cambodia to keep writing the second chapter of the two-city tale.




• A composition of silkscreen art from two Cities


At <Tale Of Two Cities #2> IdleBeats will release the latest print series from its two creative brains – brand new portrait series <STATUE> from Nini Sum and the continues chapter of <Real Big City> series from Gregor Koerting.  As for guest studio Sticky Fingers, the crew has been rooting in Cambodia for years, their works is the most direct reflecting of the local life. Their color is bold, passionate and psychedelic, the emotion is rich and direct, there’s no more need to say about the South East Asia life but just look at their print works!



• Collaboration print made by two studios
Earlier this year, IdleBeats went to Phnom Penh, created and printed a collaboration art print together with Sticky Fingers, which will be revealed for the first time at the opening day!



• Documentary of print making in Cambodia
Neocha also came with idlebeats to Cambodia and documented  this adventure: riding around the wild Phnom Penh, the brain storming session of the collaboration print with Sticky Fingers, printing under burning sun and 40ºC in the local studio… don’t miss the debut screening only at the opening!






All prints 20% off ONLY on the opening day! It will be a great opportunity to pick holiday gifts and something new for your wall!

Thanks to REBERG, everyone joining the opening will get one free beer!






• 上海 vs 金边 – 双城丝网作品并置展出


本次展览爱豆笔此将推出两位当家主创2016年来最新的创作成果 – Gregor Koerting的<真正的大城市>系列第二篇,以及Nini Sum的最新人像丝网版画<Statue>系列。 而 Sticky Fingers 扎根柬埔寨多年,作品是对当地居民生存状态的最直观反映,色彩迷幻而炙热,感情丰富又直接,充满了浓浓的东南亚风情



上海 + 金边 双城合作丝网版画发布

今年初爱豆笔此受邀前往柬埔寨金边与Sticky Fingers合作创作并在当地印制了一幅丝网版画,开幕当天将首次发布!


 •  爱豆笔此的柬埔寨历险记




• 开幕特售
• 免费入场 & 免费酒水
 Photo by Lily Xiao