About IdleBeats
IdleBeats is an artist duo and the first independent screen print studio in China, founded in 2009 by Nini Sum(China) and Gregor Koerting(Germany).
IdleBeats is known for their cross-culture but China-inspired artworks, their ability of wandering between a wide range of art mediums, as well as their non-stop exploration of new styles and the language of screen printing. The duo dedicates to bring soulful print art and the fresh Chinese look to the world, their prints have attracted collectors worldwide also gained attention from global medias such as BBC and CNN.
In addition to print making, Nini and Gregor also create illustrations, album covers, oil paintings, comic books, sculptures, and experimental work. They are often invited to crossover projects and live art performance, as well as exhibitions and art fairs across the world, the recent ones include Druck Berlin Festival and Art Print Asia Exhibition Sydney.
In July 2015 IdleBeats opened IB Print Club -a local community-based screen printing space and print store offshoot of IdleBeats. In November they initiated a continues silkscreen exhibition series ‘Tale of Two Cities’, first one featuring FrenchFourch from Paris.

Selected Exhibitions
Tale Of Two Cities #1, IdleBeats[Shanghai] x FenchFourch[Paris]
2015, UNDEF/NE M50, Shanghai China,
Art Print Asia Exhibition 2014, Newsagency Gallery, Sydney Australia,
Chinese Spring II 2014, Stieglitz19 Gallery, Antwerp Belgium,
Druck Berlin Festival 2013, Urban Spree, Berlin Germany,
Flatstock 2013, Hamburg Germany,
‘IdleBeats Print Show’ 2013, TuJiao Art Space, Chengdu China
IdleBeats Poster Art Show 2011, Foundry Gallery, Shanghai China.
‘A Nice Set Exhibition’ 2009, SOURCE, Shanghai China
IdleBeats(爱豆笔此)是一个双人艺术组合,也是中国首家独立丝网版画工作室,由Nini Sum(中国)和Gregor Koerting(德国)创立于2009年上海。
爱豆笔此因为他们跨文化而又深受中国生活启发的艺术作品、游走于各个艺术领域之间的能力和热情、以及对自我风格和丝网版画不断的探索而在国内外闻名。他们也是国内”创作+手印”合一的丝网版画工作室的开创者和领军人,致力于把新鲜的”中国创作”向世界展示。他们的版画作品受到世界各地艺术爱好者的喜爱和收藏,并获得BBC, CNN等国内外媒体的广泛报道。
丝网版画之外,Nini和Gregor的创作领域也涵盖插画、壁画、雕塑、装置、音乐海报、专辑封面等等。二人组经常受邀进行跨界创作和品牌合作,也为众多音乐人和厂牌等创作专辑和音乐视觉。不仅在国内多次举办作品展,IdleBeats也时常受邀参加世界各地的艺术展览和文化交流项目,最近的活动包括Art Print Asia(澳大利亚), Druck Berlin Festival(柏林)。
2015年7月IdleBeats在上海开设首创IB Print Club (IB 丝网俱乐部)- 一个基于本地社群的丝网印刷空间以及版画商店,也是爱豆笔此的实体分支。11月启动一个独立丝网版画展览系列-’双城记’,第一期邀请到来自法国巴黎的丝网先锋FrenchFourch,于上海M50艺术区精彩呈现。

双城记 系列丝网版画展 第一期, 爱豆笔此[上海] x FenchFourch[巴黎]
2015, UNDEF/NE M50, 中国上海,
Art Print Asia Exhibition 2014, Newsagency Gallery 澳大利亚悉尼,
Chinese Spring II 2014, Stieglitz19 比利时安特未普,
Druck Berlin Festival 2013, 德国柏林,
Flatstock 2013, 德国汉堡,
‘IdleBeats Print Show’ 2013, 兔脚艺术空间 中国成都,
IdleBeats Poster Art Show 2011, 铸造空间 中国上海,
‘A Nice Set Exhibition’ 2009, SOURCE, 中国上海