IdleBeats Print Club Opening
July 17th 2015
at UPTOWN No.115 PingWu Lu (near XingFu Lu)

爱豆笔此丝网印刷俱乐部 开幕派对
在UPTOWN 平武路115号 (近幸福路)

IdleBeats Print Club
Since 2009 IdleBeats has been dedicated to the creation of original print art and promotion of silkscreen craft. After 6 years, we are now bringing the brand new concept 'Print Club' to the city, opening in Shanghai downtown basement the first open screen printing club in China.

IdleBeats Print Club will be open to everyone - artists, desingers, band members, indie brand owners, students. With our professional printers' help, you can easily learn how to print your own artwork on shirts, tote bags or paper within one workshop session. For those who know about screen printing already, Print Club Membership would be a smart choice, to print more freely and with low cost.

IdleBeats Print Club is a printing lab without threshold, a place where indenpendent spiris meet, a community where music, art and craft bloom together(our neighbours are Uptown Records and Basement 6 Art Collective). See you underground!

Basic Fee:300rmb/one session(around 3H)
Including: one screen and all material
Address: No.115 Pingwu Lu, near Xingfu Lu (next to Uptown Record Store)
Opening Hours:Tuesday-Sunday 12-8pm (open for members and print purchasing)
Inquiry and booking:

Other Service:
-Beginner Workshop
-Senior Workshop
-Print Club Membership
-Tee/Tote printing service

爱豆笔此丝网印刷俱乐部 IdleBeats Print Club

从2009年开始,爱豆笔此双人组一直致力于原创版画艺术的创作和丝网技术的推广。6年后的今天,我们将带来Print Club的全新概念,在上海市中心的地下空间开创中国第一个开放丝印俱乐部。

IdleBeats Print Club将对所有人敞开-艺术家、乐队、独立品牌、学生,包括完全没有版画制作经验的人。你可以随时过来,在我们的帮助下亲手印自己创作的T恤、包或是海报。也可以选择加入Print Club会员制的大家庭,更自由和不受限的使用工作室。

IdleBeats Print Club是一个没有门槛的实验室,是独立精神的聚集地,也是音乐、艺术、手工制作的自主社会(我们的邻居是Uptown唱片店和Basement 6艺术团体)。我们地下见!

地点:平武路115号,近幸福路 (地下Uptown唱片店旁)
开放时间:周二-周日 12-8pm (会员使用和开放版画购买)


IdleBeats featured in《Asian Creatives》published by パイインターナショナル, representing China as one of 150 creatives from 10 asian countries.

爱豆笔此荣幸被收录进由パイインターナショナル出版发行的《Asian Creatives》-代表中国做为10个亚洲国家的150名创意人之一。

"In this book we introduce 150 must-see creators from Asia!
This book also features interviews with key figures leading the
creative scenes of 10 Asian countries in which they tell us about the today
and tomorrow of creativity in their home country and introduce us to a
selection of its most talented individuals.
Look no further to find a hint of the way that creativity is progressing into
the next phase, both in Asia and throughout the world."

Pages:320 (Full Color)
Editor: Ubies
Publisher:パイインターナショナル PIE International
¥3,990 JPN"