IdleBeats 爱豆笔此

'城市山水 City Landscape' x WeWork


- 点击画面观看创作过程 click image to view the creation process.

受WeWork的邀请,爱豆笔此的Nini Sum运用拼贴、手绘与丝网印刷相结合的mix media技法,现场6小时内创作了一幅大型壁画作品-《城市山水》。将现代的都市剪影和中国传统山水画巧妙结合,闹中取静,在繁忙的都市生活中创造出一片鲜活和诗意的艺术绿洲。

During 6-hour onsite, using print-collage, screen printing and hand painting, Nini Sum created a large-scale mural piece called 'City Landscape' for WeWork China. Combining modern urban silhouettes with natural scenery from ancient Chinese ink paintings, the artist successfully created a poetic twist of the contemporary life scenery, as well generated a mind oasis among our busy everyday city life.