IdleBeats 爱豆笔此

Team Building Workshop / 团建工作坊






Beginner Workshop is for the ones who don’t have screen printing experience and want to learn the basics. It takes you through every stage from artwork preparing, to exposing your screens and printing your image onto art paper. It’s very thorough and a really great workshop if you are keen to learn silkscreen technique.

IB Print Club也举办专场团队建设工作坊。带着你的团队来IB工作室渡过一个一起动手的奇妙下午吧,再印出一批T恤和包包直接穿上身! 我们可以根据你的需求订制活动流程,也可以带着设备来到你的公司、活动或年会现场。



We host creative team building workshops. Hang out at IB Print Club for an afternoon of T-shirt or poster printing. We can tailor the event base on your requirement. Or we can bring everything to you! If you have an event we can print live. So do email with any questions if you want us to come and get inky at your place.

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