IdleBeats 爱豆笔此

双城记Tale Of Two Cities



“Tale of Two Cities” is an annual series project initiated by IdleBeats, the silk-screen print studio in Shanghai, with the theme of silkscreen print as the main medium. Each time, the latest works from IdleBeats and another print studio are exhibited. Through exchanges and dialogues, it shows the openness and creativity of artists in different cultural backgrounds, the constant attempts and explorations of hand-made screening techniques, and the fearless expression of local culture.


双城记第一期 Tale Of Two Cities #1 2015 爱豆笔此IdleBeats x FrenchFourch (法国巴黎 Paris, France)

双城记第二期 Tale Of Two Cities #2 2016 爱豆笔此IdleBeats x Sticky Fingers (柬埔寨金边 Phnom Pehn, Cambodia)

双城记第三期 Tale Of Two Cities #3 2017 爱豆笔此IdleBeats x Palefroi (德国柏林 Berlin, Germany)

双城记第四期 Tale Of Two Cities #4 2018 爱豆笔此IdleBeats x Mara Piccione (Push&Pull Studio) (荷兰格罗宁根 Groningen, The Netherlands)