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Under The Moonlight

Under The Moonlight


<Under The Moonlight> is not only an art print but also the physical release of YEHAIYAHAN’s new album, and IdleBeats have once again joined forces with the Chinese musician to present a collectible silkscreen print, featuring art by Nini Sum. The image is inspired by the music of <Under The Moonlight> —a surreal, fantastical moon frames YEHAIYAHAN’s profile in dramatic silhouette, flanked by mountains and ocean. The silkscreened image for the physical release is a special version of the album’s cover art.

<Under The Moonlight>

- Artwork by Nini Sum(IdleBeats)


- Hand screen printed on 300gsm art paper by IB Print Club

- Limited Edition of 300

- Framed print size 13.8x19.6cm

- Outer package net size: length 22x16x4.5cm

- Includes a custom, wood-framed silkscreen print, handwritten signature card, and album download code

🌍We ship worldwide.

<Under The Moonlight>不仅是一幅丝网版画,也是YEHAIYAHAN同名新专辑的实体部分,爱豆笔此和音乐人再次联手,为大家献上一份可收藏的丝网版画作品。视觉创作仍然来自Nini Sum,画面以<Under The Moonlight>的音乐为灵感,构建了一副由YEHAIYAHAN侧影、山川和海洋组成的超现实月下幻景,也是该专辑封面艺术的特别版本。

<Under The Moonlight>

- 艺术家:Nini Sum (爱豆笔此) 


- 由IB丝印俱乐部手工丝网印刷于300克艺术纸

- 限量300版

- 含框尺寸 13.8x19.6cm

- 外包装尺寸 22x16x4.5cm

- 包含:一幅定制木框装裱的专辑丝网版画,手写签名卡以及专辑下载码


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