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坠落的星星 Falling Star

坠落的星星 Falling Star


作品名称:坠落的星星 (雕像系列 No.3)






Title:Falling Star (Statue series No.3)

Medium:Hand Screen Print on Paper

Paper:300gsm Somerset Acid Free Paper

Paper Size:56x56cm


Year of Creation and Printing:2016

’雕像‘丝网版画系列 No.3 < 坠落的星星 >
中国西南部的山间正布满越来越多的天文基地,无数的少数民族家庭因而迁徙,更有部落为躲避从天而降的卫星残片不敢在自己的土地上随意行走。画面中部落女人们的头饰变成了卫星和”Made in China”世界最大的天文望远镜,观测能力延

Statue series No.3 < Falling Star > -
More and more astronautic bases are being built amongst the forests of South West China. Indigenous families are forced to move away from their ancient homeland because of territory loss and the dangers of being hit by space
debris from the many satellites.
In ‘Falling Star’, the women’s traditional head accessory is transformed into symbols of China’s global leadership in space technology - One woman wears a high tech Satellite, the other, the biggest “Made in China” telescope in the world. The telescope claims to extend observation to the end of the universe, but we ask ourselves, “Can they see the stars in the night sky clearer than their ancestors?”

<雕像>是Nini Sum在2016年底完成的最新系列,讨论消逝中的原始文化与当代文明的关系。

原始部落的面孔们被小心的放置在平台上,安定。他们仿佛不约而同的从鲜活的生命中隐退,变成一件精美的收藏和装饰品。原始文化在摩登的当代社会似乎只需承载这样的功能 - 装点空间和不经意的提醒人们曾经存在过的生命多样性。

内容之外,丝网印刷特殊的媒介语言对这组作品的最终画面起了决定性的作用。坚持“创作+制作”合一、全过程自己亲手完成,这样多年的丝网实践使 Nini 越来越希望挖掘这种版画语言的属性和灵魂:突破单纯的复制功能,除了对所画内容的关注外,用实验的印刷手法把身体力行的物理操作和画的精神性融合、把制作过程也变成再创作。“雕像”系列中的渐变色都用在丝网版直接混色的方式印制完成,因此双手的轻重缓急直接影响了颜色的薄厚和肌理,使得每版画面都略有不同,留下独一无二的手工痕迹。

<Statue> is the latest screen print series created and hand pulled by Chinese artist Nini Sum in 2016.

The faded faces of indigenous peoples from ancient cultures are placed quietly and peacefully on an invisible surface.

They appear like delicate collector items, people who have faded away from a vivid life in the real world. In modern society ancient culture seems to only provide this kind of function - to decorate space and casually remind people that there once-existed a wide variety of human cultures.

The silkscreen medium plays an important role in the final look of this series, playing an equal role to its content. Nini is committed to producing each print meticulously from start to finish. Years of non-stop experimenting with printing methods allows her to dig deep into the essence of screen-printing as a language. For her its more than just reproducing images through a screen, it is how she can communicate in a truly artistic way.

Colours are hand-blended on the screen while printing, giving the texture and gradient a one-of-a-kind quality for each piece. Expressing herself through physical movement during printing, Nini marks each print with her unique human touch. This humanity contrasts with concept of faded people from lost worlds, adding a drop of warmth, hope and majesty to their faces.

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