IdleBeats 爱豆笔此

IB Octopus / IB八爪鱼

“IB八爪鱼” 贴纸丝印转盘

- 爱豆笔此自行研发的全新现场丝印互动游戏装置

“IB Octopus” DIY Sticker-Printing Spinning Wheel

- An IdleBeats Self-invented Screen Print Game Station


“IB Octopus” is a new screen printing game station designed by IB Print Club team.

It’s an octopus-shaped rotary with 8 mini screens installed, each pre-exposed with a unique sticker artwork, designed by IdleBeats. Each event attendee will receive a blank sticker, turn the rotary to have a 1/8 random sticker artwork and then screen print the sticker on his/her own!

It’s a super fun game for live events, it’s fast and easy to operate too. With our team’s help, everyone can successfully print their own sticker sheet, even for the ones who have no printing experience. It’s a perfect live action to quickly attract young crowd at big events or fairs, we can customize the sticker artworks for your event/brand as well.

Want to have IB Octopus at your event? Shoot us an email!




• 此游戏可反复参与,鼓励大家集齐一共8款贴纸图案;

• 小型丝印设备使操作简单快速,满足现场流动人群短暂停留的娱乐需要;

• 贴纸可作为小礼物不限量免费赠送。