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Beginner Workshop / 入门工作坊






Beginner Workshop is for the ones who don’t have screen printing experience and want to learn the basics. It takes you through every stage from artwork preparing, to exposing your screens and printing your image onto art paper. It’s very thorough and a really great workshop if you are keen to learn silkscreen technique.

IB Print Club - Beginner Workshop

During a 3hour session you will learn how to screen print a 1 layer/ 1 color design on paper and go through the whole process from choosing a digital image to pulling the squeegee. The workshop starts with artwork selection, a brief demonstration on screen exposure and basic techniques of screen printing. You'll have a trial to practice on a prepared screen before you execute your own printing project. After transferring your artwork on a screen by using our professional exposure unit you will learn about setting up the workspace, mixing inks and print a 10-piece batch art paper. The workshop is for anyone with little or zero experience, and it's all about gaining experience and practice while having fun with basic screen printing!  

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IB丝印俱乐部 - 入门工作坊

在2-3小时的入门工作坊上,您可以体验纯手工丝网的每个步骤,从准备作品,到曝光网版,到调色,直至把自己的作品印制在艺术纸上。如果想了解和体验丝网的基本流程,那么入门工作坊将是最佳的选择。课程由爱豆笔此专业print maker/艺术家们中英双语授课,因此你将和来自世界各地的同学一起,在轻松愉悦的环境中学习到最新的技术和实用的技巧,最后带走一批自己创作的手工丝网版画!



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