IdleBeats 爱豆笔此

双城记展览#4 丝网墙画 Site-Specific Mural at Tale Of Two Cities #4 Exhibition

在爱豆笔此一年一度的<双城记>系列展览第四期上,Nini Sum现场创作了一面3x6米的丝网版画拼贴墙。把采样的城市肌理进行描绘、丝印、打散后再重组拼贴,像一篇红蓝相间的双色乐章呼应着着悬挂于墙上的丝网版画系列<快照>,以此打破作品和现实空间的壁垒,在展览现场形成一个三维整体又虚实相间的空间装置。

This 3x6m site-specific silkscreen mural installation was created by IdleBeats at their annual exhibition <Tale Of Two Cities >#4 at The Space Gallery Shanghai. Using pre-drawn elements depicting the street then screen-printing onto paper and then collaging on site, the artist tries to bring an outdoor city vibe into the exhibition. Together with the print series <Snapshot> hanging in frames, the whole space was elegantly composed into one soundtrack of the contemporary city life.