Yin Yang series #3 – 《Hand of Paradox》
阴阳系列 之三 《悖论之手》
Yin Yang is a new series of paired black and white images , that were inspired by ancient Taoist philosophy. In line with the other prints from this series, Hand Of Paradox examines the connection between natural forces and human power. The hands that are illustrated in the print can be seen as both palms and the backs of hands. The image is open to interpretation and is intended to inspire the viewer to find different meanings when viewing the artwork.
The artist asks us: do absolute extremes and polar opposites really exist? Can things in this world be described so simply as black and white, right and wrong, good and bad? The universe is endless with seemingly infinite possibilities – how much can we really control? And in which manner do we interact with the world? Do we go with its natural flow, or do we follow the rules set by man?


Video, photo and content by Leon Yan, Neocha