Yin Yang  art print series
阴阳 丝网版画系列
by Nini Sum

We commonly use the dualistic terms to define most things in the world, such as black and white, as well as right and wrong. In actuality, these terms may not seem as such a dichotomy. If you break this irreconcilable impression, you will find these snarling extremes are nonetheless somewhat alike, and there is a peaceful harmony existing between them.



Yin Yang series #1  -《Yin Yang》
阴阳系列 之一 -《阴阳》
Yin Yang series #2  -《Rubik’s Mansion》
阴阳系列 之二 -《魔方大厦》

Yin Yang series #3  -《Hand of Paradox》  
阴阳系列 之三 -《悖论之手》

Other Series 其他系列

 Real Big City Series
真正的大城市 系列
Chinese Zodiac Series
中国属相 系列
 Poster Series
海报 系列