《SubChase》is No.4 of the Real Big City series

Words From the Artist:

“Similar to “Hashpipe” this is another piece which is rather seen as some sort of subversive propaganda. Beside of it’s practical function I sense the subway as THE epic allegory on urban life as a man made prison.

People are forced to keep on a Real Big City pace ruled by a automized system. This print is supposed to be a ironic call for getting united breaking through the system not for destruction but for manifesting our individuality.”




“跟上一个作品 «Hashpipe» 一样,这幅作品同样也被赋予了极具颠覆性的色彩。除了实用功能以外,地下铁给我个人的感觉,好比传说中城市生活的史诗寓言,一座人造监狱。人们不得不紧紧地跟随着,被自动化系统统治着的,真正的大城市 的步伐。这幅作品意图成为一个具有讽刺意味的存在,呼吁大家联合起来打破这样的系统,不以破坏毁灭为目的,只为了表达我们的自身特色。”