Beginner Workshop 入门工作坊

Next Workshop: 23rd October 2016 Sunday

下期日程:2016年10月23日 周日

Beginner workshop takes you through every stage from artwork preparing, to exposing your screens and printing your image onto T-shirts / Tote Bags or Art Paper.
It’s very thorough and a really great workshop if you are keen to learn silkscreen technique or just want make a birthday shirt for a friend. It’s also ideal as a refresher if you need a little reminder – it’s taught by our professional printer/artist so you will always learn new techniques and tricks. By the end of the workshop you will produce an A4 image, on shirt, tote bag and paper copies.
Artwork Format Requirement:
Your image must be within A4 size(21×29.7cm), black and white, please save it as a .JPEG /.PDF /.PSD file format with 200dpi+ resolution and send us via the submission form at the bottom of this page.
(if you don’t have anything specifically to print, don’t worry, you are welcome to choose from IdleBeats’ stock images on site and print with it)
At the workshop you will be be able to choose from many different colored inks. We will also supply you one blank shirt and one blank tote bag.
- brief introduction of screen printing and IB Print Club set-up.
- artwork preparation.
- screen exposing and washing out.
- ink preparation and printing station set up.
- printing on paper, t-shirt and tote bag.
1 tutor with 3-4 Attendees per Group

2-3 hours per Group
Date & Time: 
Saturday/Sunday afternoon. (specific date to be announced on WeChat and Website)
We’ll inform you the time slot via Email. 
IB Print Club, No.115 Pingwu Lu Basement, Shanghai China
400rmb including one blank shirt, one tote bag and all material.
(65usd including PayPal transaction fee if book via BigCartel or pay via PayPal)
How to Sign Up?
Simply by clicking the “Book Now” button below to pay the workshop fee via IdleBeats WeChat store(RMB) or BigCartel(USD). Please leave your Email address in the note while purchasing, we will get in touch via mail for the follow-ups after the payment is received.
Alternative payment method:
Bank Transfer:  6225 2101 1433 2589 ( Shanghai Pudong Development Bank)


你的作品需是A4尺寸内的黑白文件(仅用于制版), 请存为200dpi精度以上的.JPEG/.PDF/.PSD格式文件,并通过本页下方表格上传给我们。
- 关于丝网印刷的简介和IB Print Club工作室参观.
- 准备作品.
- 丝网版曝光和清洗.
- 颜料调制和印台设置.
- 手工印于纸张、T恤和布袋.
课程规模 :
3-4 人 / 组

课程长度 :
2-3 小时 / 组
周六/周日 下午 (具体日期请查看微信平台和此页面更新)
IB Print Club 上海平武路115号地下室
400元 包括一件空白T恤+一个空白布包 及所有耗材
支付宝 : 

请在此上传您的作品 Upload your artwork here

格式 Format: jpg / jpeg / pdf / psd . 尺寸 Size: A4


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