About IB Print Club

IB Print Club is a local community-based screenprinting space and prints store offshoot of IdleBeats.

The purpose of IB Print Club is to provide screenprint lovers in Shanghai a place to work on their own projects at low cost. The space encourages learning about printmaking, the free exchange of creative ideas, and open dialogue with other artists within the community.


In addition to regular beginner workshops, IB Print Club also offers team building group workshps, advanced workshops for designers and artists, portable door-to-door workshops, as well as live printing events. With a newly installed six-head color wheel, it’s easy to print five-color shirts or three-color posters.


IB Print Club is located in an underground complex that also houses the Basement6 Collective and Uptown Records. Together this underground art community will generate more energy and inspiring ideas, turning itself into an exciting hub of true creativity in Shanghai.




In April 2016, a brand new GIF SHOP opens in IB Print Club basement. It not only sells the full range of IdleBeats’ screen prints and posters, but also DIY zines,T-shirts and artworks from both domestic and international artists.
 GIF SHOP is open Tues-Sun, 3-7pm and ran by Uptown Record Store. View Map here.

关于 IB Print Club

IB Print Club 是一个基于本地社群的丝网印刷空间以及版画商店,也是爱豆笔此的实体分支。

IB Print Club旨在提供丝网爱好者们一个学习和交流的空间。除了定期开设的初学者工作坊之外,IBPC还提供各种个性化的活动设置和服务:上门工作坊、公司团队建设活动、进阶级丝网课程、以及移动T恤工厂等等创意无穷的现场活动。


IB Print Club和Basement 6、Uptown唱片店一样,都位于上海平武路115号的地下室(工作区域不对外开放,来访请预约),志同道合的朋友们聚在一起,期望为上海的创意文化集结一股强大的地下文化力量。






IB Print Club地下室同是也是IdleBeats的线下版画商店-GIF SHOP在这里大家可以在开放时间段内自由选购爱豆笔此限量丝网印制版画和海报,以及独立杂志,T恤等等创意产品。


 GIF商店开放时间:周二 – 周日  下午3点 – 7点 (周一休息,购买请咨询Uptown唱片店)