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GIF SHOP 位于上海平武路115号地下室艺术集结地。在这里大家可以在开放时间段内自由选购爱豆笔此限量丝网印制版画和海报,以及由香蕉鱼书店等发行机构和艺术家带来的独立杂志,T恤等等创意产品。
GIF SHOP 地址: 中国上海市长宁区平武路115号地下室
开放时间:周二 – 周日  下午2点 – 7点 (周一休息)
GIF SHOP is a new store in the basement art complex of 115 Pingwu Lu. The shop will not only sell IdleBeats’ silkscreen prints and posters, but also DIY zines, T-shirts as well as other indie products from local and international publishers and artists!
*GIF shop is self-service, please take your item to Uptown Records to check out.
GIF SHOP Address: No.115 Pingwu Lu Basement, Shanghai China
Open Hours: Tuesday – Sunday  2PM – 7PM (Closed on Monday)

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