“Sum of All Things Nini”
Music by Dave Liang / Shanghai Restoration Project
Video and Edit by Neocha

The track was composed almost entirely of sounds Neocha recorded in Shanghai-based multi-artist Nini Sum’s studio IdleBeats as she worked on her latest screen print. The visual treatment syncs her daily work processes with the beats and rhythms of the track.


The track and the music video are available on iTunes and Amazon.

IdleBeats interview by Ganma.tv
Director & Editor: Anneliese Charek
Director of Photography: William Harrison
Motion Graphics: Freddie Jiang
Music: Faded Ghost
Production: KINO
How to screen print a poster? 怎样丝网印刷一幅海报?
Presented by Sub-Culture
Filmed and Edited by Didjelirium
Poster design by Optigram