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Video by Jia Li / NeoCha

Tale of Two Cities

is a series of SilkScreen Print Art exhibition initialized by IdleBeats. Each exhibition features the latest works of two studios – IdleBeats and one from a different city: FrenchFourch from Paris, Sticky Fingers Art Print Cambodia from Phnom Penh and many more talents of the worldwide print art family. Persistence, consistency, innovation and the free expression of ones own root culture are the common qualities of them.


Why Screen Printing?

Screen-printing provides latitude for experimentation and the ability to make multiples, with the basic technique one can explore unlimited graphic nature of the medium. It’s one of the most contemporary art language, a combination of human touch and industrial reproduction, an attitude of maintaining individuality and independent thinking in this era of assimilation and depersonalization.


The continuous series of exhibitions focuses on hand print making medium and culture exchange through the eyes and hands of a range of emerging print makers worldwide. These young artists grew up in the era of mass production and globalization, therefore the free, independent, authentic and sometimes provocative character of screen printing made it naturally the best fit for their expression.


Instead of commisioning the production, every print is created and handprinted by the artist him/herself, the self-involvement in the printing process makes print making part of the creation, which is the nature of the medium and meanwhile brings a soulful touch to the repeated images.


Two in One

The exhibition is a juxtaposition of two different culture backgrounds, two kinds of re-forming and re-invention of screen printing technique, two ways of thinking, approaching and expression of city life, together as a whole, a tale of two cities printed through one silk screen.



是由上海工作室爱豆笔此(IdleBeats)发起的系列丝网版画主题展览。每次展览将展出两个独立工作室的最新版画作品 –爱豆笔此(IdleBeats)以及来自世界各地的另一个工作室:法国巴黎的FrenchFourch, 柬埔寨金边的Sticky Fingers等等。对手工丝网技法的坚持探索,作品的连贯性、创造力和开放性,以及对本土文化自由无畏的表达是参展工作室的共同特点。



丝网印刷提供了手工实验的宽广空间和复制版数的可能性,在基本技法的支持下,艺术家和Print Maker们可以自由探索平面语言和版画技法的结合方式,以及其最终实现方法的无限可能性。丝网也是最为当代的艺术语言之一,它是人性触觉和工业复制的结合,也是一种在这全球化、同一化时代下坚持个性和独立思考的鲜明态度。丝网的制作过程使每幅画饱含旺盛的生命力和真诚的情感,以及科技时代无法替代的人性温暖。









Tale Of Two Cities #1 双城记 第一期
IdleBeats 爱豆笔此 [ Shanghai 上海] x FrenchFourch [Paris 巴黎]
November 2015, at UNDEF/NE, M50 Shanghai China
Photo by Menny Hu, UNDEF/NE